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Why should I buy an existing business instead of starting my own?

There are a number of very logical reasons why purchasing an existing business has a greater risk-to- reward ratio than starting a business. Those reasons include a proven concept and/or product; with an existing business, you can already see how the current business concepts are working. Established location, employees in place and quicker return on your money are just a few of the many other reasons why buying an existing business is the right choice for you.


The sale needs to make sense.

Far too many individuals try to force a sale that doesn’t make sense for the seller or the buyer. Business brokering is about so much more than the sale. The seller created a business and the buyer may want to take the business to the next level. It needs to live on after the seller leaves and take on a new life. This means matching it with the right buyer to provide the optimal growth for the newly acquired company. 

I invest the time to get to know the business and the buyer. 

Business owners spend years, if not decades, building their businesses. By taking the time to really understand what separates their business from the rest of the competition, we can better position it in the marketplace. When you present the best version of your business to the proper target market, you will find the right buyer. 

The right buyer will have the drive and resources to successfully run the business allowing the seller to transition to the next phase of their life. Resting easy knowing the business is in good hands.  

At the end of the day, that’s what First Choice Business Brokers are really about. 

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